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What is Measure X?

Measure X is a special use tax on cannabis businesses in the unincorporated areas of San Joaquin County. 50% of the revenue raised will be used to fund public health, homeless mitigation, and enforcement of cannabis codes and statutes. 50% will be directed to programming that benefits children and youth such as home visitation, preschool, childhood literacy programs, after-school programs, and drug programs with special emphasis on children in neighborhoods and populations with the most disparities.

Does measure X legalize marijuana in San Joaquin County?

No – Prop 64 legalized marijuana statewide in 2016. Measure X will restrict access and ensure we have funding to cover the impact of prop 64. Are there any guarantees that ensure this revenue will go to the stated purposes? A special tax requires that the money only be spent as written in the measure. The 50% set aside for children’s programming will be placed in a Children’s Trust Fund, to be administered by the Children’s Services Coordinating Commission.

Does everyone pay the tax from measure X?

No – only Cannabis businesses pay the tax. What happens if measure X does not pass? Taxpayers like you will be covering the impacts of prop 64 and we will miss the opportunity to fund vital programs that help our kids. However, Cannabis businesses HAVE ALREADY started being approved one at a time through Development Agreements by the Board of Supervisors. Cannabis is here to stay. Our community should require Cannabis business to pay their fair share to mitigate the financial impacts to our community.

Is this tax more than Cannabis Business would pay?

No – This ballot measure designates where the money can be spent and ensures that all parties who are interested in opening a legal Cannabis business have a clear and fair path to pursue this legal business. Approving Cannabis businesses one at a time through Development Agreements is sloppy governance and opens the process up to favoritism and political influence or pressure.

Will Measure X impact our agriculture lands in San Joaquin county?

No – Measure X restricts any cannabis grows in the county to Indoor and Greenhouse cultivation.

Can they build dispensaries wherever they want?

No- Measure X does not allow for Storefront Dispensaries. All other Cannabis related businesses musts must seek approval by the county in approved zoning locations and will be required to obtain approval from the county after a public meeting has been held. Zoning locations are highly restricted and require additional setbacks from schools, churches, and residential neighborhoods.

How does Measure X generate revenue?

Measure X has five different categories of license: growing, distribution, manufacturing, testing and retail. Because there are other licenses there are multiple ways to generate revenue. Every business type will pay 3 ½ – 8%, a tax rate set by the Supervisors. Also, if you are caught with an illegal Cannabis business you will be taxed and then put out of business.