Tom Patti

San Joaquin County Supervisor

Supporting Measure X will open up more jobs in San Joaquin County and enable us to expand vitally needed programs for the homeless, public health and children. This is a user tax only Cannabis businesses will pay and is the best path forward for the future of our county.

Kathy Miller

San Joaquin County Supervisor

Measure X will only tax cannabis businesses and ensure that they pay their fair share, just like any other business in San Joaquin County. With 50% of these taxes guaranteed to fund vital services for our children and youth, like early childhood education, family strengthening, after school and mentoring programs, Measure X will provide opportunities and better outcomes for ALL of San Joaquin County’s children.

Miguel Villapudua

San Joaquin County Supervisor

Cannabis businesses are being approved right now in the county. A yes vote on Measure X will make sure these businesses are dealt with in a fair, consistent manner and give us the ability to invest in vitally needed programs for kids, homelessness services and public health.

Susan Eggman


Michael Tubbs

Mayor of Stockton

Susan Lenz

Stockton City Councilmember

Veronica Vargas

Tracy City Councilmember

Dan Arriola

Tracy City Councilmember

Kay Ruhstaller

Executive Director, Family Resource and Referral Center

Jose Rodriguez

President & CEO, El Concilio

Joelle Gomez

Executive Director, Children’s Home of Stockton

Christina Gilbert

Director, San Joaquin Children’s Alliance

Cymone Reyes

Executive Director, San Joaquin Pride Center

Kathy Hart

Former President, Delta College

Lange Luntao

Trustee, Stockton Unified School District

Candelaria Vargas

Trustee, Stockton Unified School District

Tori Verber Salazar

District Attorney, San Joaquin County