Argument in Favor of Measure X

A yes vote on Measure X will ensure the county can effectively regulate Cannabis businesses, provide for public health, and expand proven programs for our children. 

Investing in our children is the best way to fight crime, reduce gang violence, develop a strong workforce to attract living-wage jobs, and grow our local economy.  Proven programs that strengthen families, increase educational opportunities, provide young people with mentorship and job training have seen deep cuts.  During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to invest in our children and community so everyone benefits. 

Cannabis usage is legal in California and businesses are currently being approved by the county through Development Agreements which are individually negotiated, wasting county resources.  An ordinance is needed to streamline the process and provide equity and uniformity for every Cannabis business operating in our county.  With the input of the community, strict regulations and guidelines have been created to ensure a fair, but thorough vetting process. 

Measure X is a dedicated, protected tax only Cannabis businesses will pay.  The measure requires 50% of the tax revenue be used to benefit children with an emphasis on those in underserved neighborhoods.  The other half can only be used for public health, homeless mitigation, and Cannabis code enforcement. 

To safeguard our tax dollars, an independent citizen’s oversight committee of local child development, education, and mental health experts will set spending priorities, review annual financial reports, and ensure transparency.  With local control and accountability, we can fund desperately needed programs for children. 

Child advocates, elected officials, educational and industry leaders have worked together to create strong, enforceable regulations to oversee this legal industry and ensure that newly generated revenue is directed to expand desperately needed programs for the children of San Joaquin County.

Cannabis is here.

Let’s make sure Cannabis pays a fair share
and the money gets to kids.

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